Picking A Right Container For Window Garden

Picking a Right Container for Window Garden


Tauqeer Hassan

For creating a handsome window garden display, it is essential to pick a container. Containers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Containers are ranging from high decorative troughs to the simple wooden boxes.

Selecting a container is not an easy process. The foremost priority of most of the gardeners is their plants rather than containers. They really feel pride in getting the appreciation from attractive plants. So, for them container is just simply a container to keep the plants. However, there are people who focus on the container as well. It all depends on the persons liking or disliking. Remember, you may have find the pot attractive and appealing in the store, but you may find it dull, unnatural or deviant once planted up with different plants.

However, there are instances where the ornate boxes come into play when you require adding something to the existing d cor of your architecture. Containers though are of secondary importance but yet we do not ignore the fact that they must not be in clash with the style of the building.

Still it is recommended to choose the simplest, most practical container with simple design and color scheme. This type of containers has the tendency to fix in any type of the surrounding areas easily. Anything more ornate may seem awkward with the background settings.



As far as color is concerned, there are options that you can color the containers according to your choice, especially to make them a fit match with your window framework. However, white simple boxes can also be used, but these boxes require regular painting and cleaning otherwise they will give you a dirty muddy look.

If you are planning to fix the containers on to the walls with brackets, it is not a bad idea to color your container similar to the wall coloring like brick red, stone hues etc. coloring scheme will definitely provide a good effect along with the colorful plants. You can also paint your containers in dark green, brown or plain varnished timber and beige.


Containers are available in different materials like plastic, metal and glass fiber. Good plastic troughs are durable and are light weight. The containers make from thin flimsy material become brittle over time and sustain cracks and other damage.

While purchasing metal containers, you need to be cautious as wrought iron or steel may seem strong and durable, but they are more prone to rust. Metal containers need special care in their maintenance. Any damage part of the paint should be repainted immediately to avoid the rust build. Also rusted containers look awkward and rain washed rust stains will definitely disfigure the house, especially the outer walls.

Glass fiber is another material used in containers. Fiber is strong, tough and durable and generally inexpensive. These are unglazed earthen potteries and are very elegant. You can color them according to your choice and also you can use varnish to give them a feature of wood grain. Fiber containers are long lasting, if treated with care.


Different sizes of containers are available, but you have to select the one best suit your requirement. The best size of the container is that is able to fix in the window ledge. It is large enough to hold more planting compost, which will give you the assurance that it will not dry out quickly. Also large container will allow you to grow more plants.

Avoid purchasing shallow containers as far as possible. Shallow containers have less room for planting compost and therefore tend to dry faster and need frequent watering. Anything shallower than 15 cm should be avoided whereas 20 cm or more is a better choice.

It is not necessary to buy a narrow container for narrow window sill. You can provide the support to the container with wall brackets. Even if your box project a little out from the sill, it is fine. It will not look awkward by any means.

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