4 Things You Do That Kill Your Car Batteries

byAlma Abell

Unless you pay attention, it might be easy to miss signs that tell you your car’s batteries are in serious trouble. Here are some of the ways you drain your car’s batteries without even knowing it:

Leaving the headlights on

You’re tired from work and all you want to do is sleep. So you leave your headlights running overnight. Or you watch a DVD without the engine running and end up draining your battery, says NAPA Autopro. Both deplete your auto batteries in the worst way so always check the headlights before you step out of your car.

Bad charging

If your charging system is wonky, then it’ll cause problems for your car batteries too. You might even deplete them even while you’re driving. So make sure you get those charging issues fixed. That way, you can rest easy, knowing your car batteries won’t be dying on you and leave you stranded on the road any time soon.

Short drives

Driving allows your alternator to recharge. So if you only go for short drives, then you aren’t fully recharging your batteries. After a while, uncharged parts in your battery die. Those parts won’t ever retain a charge ever again. So if you want to make sure your batteries don’t suffer the same fate, make sure you take it out on long drivers regularly.

Not replacing those batteries

No matter how well made your batteries are, though, if you’ve been using them for more than three or four years, then you might need to consider buying a new one. Batteries are only good for three to five years of use. Beyond that, your batteries will start giving you problems. Nip those problems in the bud by replacing your old batteries with new ones as soon as you can. So be careful about draining your batteries. Monitor and inspect them regularly so you’ll know if it’s time to shop for new ones. For more information please visit Motor City Battery Company. You can also follow them on Twitter.