California Workers Comp Rate Guarantee

By Dennis Jarvis

Granted, we help California companies find, quote, and secure Workers Comp every day but we’re also a California business ourselves. Conversely, we need to have our own benefits in terms of health insurance and liability insurance such as Workers Comp ourselves. We’re very well versed in company insurance but other facets of protecting our business is completely foreign to us (billing systems, etc). We face the same issue that California companies run into when shopping for Workers Comp insurance in California. How do we know we are securing the best rate for the best coverage. We don’t personally have a relative or friend in those businesses. Luckily we have found trusted advisors (after some definite dead-ends we won’t discuss) who help us in these various business related purchases and our goal is simple…make sure to get the best rate on the market for solid coverage that actually works when needed. Here’s our rate guarantee.

We promise the best rate with each carrier for company’s Workers Comp

You will not find a better rate on the California workers comp market from a given carrier based on your company’s situation. Workers Comp agencies or providers do not discount pricing so you can rest assured that you are getting the best rate available. That’s the first piece of our best Workers Comp rate guarantee…an implicit promise that we secure the best rates from any given carriers but that’s only half of the promise.


We will quote multiple carriers against each other all from one form

Some agents will only shop your rates to one carrier and of course, a single carrier will only quote their rates. As with all insurance, the power of using a Workers Comp agent like us is that we shop across multiple carriers..generally up to 3 carriers simultaneously. To not do so is to pay too much potentially and that minimizes our potential power to save you money. For this reason, we quote multiple strong carriers and present the best rate offer. Keep in mind that the actual coverage or benefits for California Workers Comp insurance is virtually identical so pricing and carrier strength/claims processing become the critical concerns.

We will help you develop a Workers Comp track record that leads to future savings

There’s another huge reason to quote multiple carriers when applicable (a company qualify for private coverage) which pertains to a quirk of Workers Comp in California. Different carriers have certain “sweet spots” of pricing depending on the type of industry you’re in and your claims experience. Some carriers will price certain industries very high while offering discounts for others. There’s no way to know which is which without years of experience. We’ll be able to look at your company’s industry and present/past worker’s comp status to find the best fit for quoting insurance. Even if we’re just dealing with the State Fund for newer companies or riskier industries, the pricing is the same to you but we can help you navigate the process and craft a worker’s comp history that might open up the less expensive private market to us later on. You can use our expertise to address safety practices and standards that pave the way to future savings once we have a solid track record. We don’t want to just quote you Workers Comp…we want to help you qualify for better rates going forward. That’s what we consider as being a partner and our solid rate guarantee detailed above wouldn’t be complete without it.

About the Author: Dennis Jarvis is a licensed

California Workers Comp insurance

agent with extensive knowledge of the California workers comp market.

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