Do You Need Dog Training Tools When You Train Your Dog?}

Submitted by: Eddie Gillespie

There is no question about it, if you own a dog you need to make sure that it behaves well with people, strangers, and with other animals. Your dog needs to obey commands to keep the dog and his surroundings save. This means you need to train your dog and the best time to start with training is during its puppy time. It is possible you do not have a clue what it takes to train a dog, in that case we advise you to go to a puppy training school where you and the puppy can learn together.

During the time you are training with your dog (and that can be its whole life) you will come across dog training tools and you will wonder if these can help you to train your dog. The most controversial of the dog training tools you will come across is the electronic dog collar.

Is an electronic dog collar necessary?

Well that question can be answered quick and clear, No it is not necessary at all, there are many ways you can train your dog and there are many tools that can assist you with the training process, but an electronic dog collar is not one of the dog training tools we can advise. We already said it these kind of collars, (there are different types and forms) are controversial to say at least. If you look them up on the internet, you will read stories of people who think these collars are the best way of training and they absolutely do not harm or hurt the dog in any way, well I suppose those people did not put the collar around their arm or neck because it does, it hurts like a sting of a wasp and we all know that can hurt like hell.

The electronic dog collar works by giving the dog a shock that makes him understand that certain behavior is not right and it has to be avoided as much as possible. The idea is not bad, but there are so much other ways to train your dog

Do you need other dog training tools?

Also a no to that question, you do not need dog training tools at all, if you gather the needed basic knowledge for dog training and you do some research about how you can best train your dog you do not need a thing. But there are some handy dog training tools available that can be fun to try and dog training needs to be fun for the dog and for you, because when you play and learn, dog training comes natural and much more easy.

When you follow the market carefully for a couple of years you will notice that there are many dog training tools introduced that seem very attractive but almost all are no substitute for basic normal dog training. There is just one of the dog training tools that stick for quite a few years now, and that is the clicker training.

Clickers are hand held devices that fit in the palm of your hand and make a click-clack sound when you push them. It is rather loud and your dog should be able to hear it even when surrounded with common background noises. when you give a command and the dog obeys you click and give a treat or other reward. and you keep repeating this until you are sure that the dog understands, when you regular repeat this type of training it can be very effective.

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