How Much Does Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Cost In India?

How much does Bariatric Weight loss surgery cost in India?



With obesity becoming a concern worldwide, weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery has become one of the most sought after procedures now-a-days.


It costs a fortune to get weight loss surgery done in western countries such as USA, UK, Australia or Canada whereas one can easily get cheap weight loss surgery in India where the cost of bariatric surgery is much less than what weight loss surgery costs in these countries. How much does weight loss surgery cost in India? India has emerged as a favorable destination chosen by medical tourists for weight loss surgery. The best part is the availability of surgery with uncompromising quality at best bariatric hospitals and clinics in India. One must completely take into account all the facts before opting for a weight loss surgery abroad. Cost is a very important factor that one must consider before planning for a weight loss surgery abroad. The cost of weight loss surgery in India is quite varying and depends upon the type of weight loss surgery and the bariatric hospital in India you choose. The common weight loss surgery procedures done at best weight loss centers in India are: Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery Intra Gastric Ballooning Whereas with Lap band surgery, one can expect to lose as much as 1-1/2 to 2 pounds per week and about 50% of excess weight within the first year of surgery, with sleeve gastrectomy 50 to 80% of excess body weight can be reduced over a period of 6 12 months. On a similar equation, with Gastric Bypass Surgery one can lose 70-80% of extra weight and with Intra gastric ballooning, one can expect to lose over 50% or more of extra weight loss. Lap band Surgery in India costs about USD 6800 depending on the facility and city you choose to get the procedure done; the all inclusive cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in India is USD 7000. The prices for a Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India start from USD 6000. If we compare the average prices for bariatric weight loss surgery in India and other western countries such as USA, UK, Canada ,Australia and other European countries, the average cost of weight loss surgery in India is a third or even lesser than these countries. For instance, the cost of Gastric Banding in UK is approximately 4,995, the average cost of Gastric Bypass surgery in USA ranges from $18,000 to $35,000, and the average cost for gastric banding ranges from $17,000 to $30,000.This makes India quite a low cost option for obesity surgery. For an affordable weight loss surgery, one can easily contact a good medical tourism company in India. The medical tourism companies plan your travel, help you choose best bariatric surgeon and weight loss clinic or hospital and plan your stay in India. They also provide you with bundled treatment packages such as cosmetic surgery packages and travel options to exotic spas and scenic locations in India. IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company in India that offers quality cosmetic surgery holidays in India. IndiCure associates with best bariatric surgeons with many years of experience and training in the best medical schools in India.

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