The Do S And Don Ts Of Dog Training

Submitted by: John W.

When it comes to training a dog it is important that you are well aware of the do s and don ts of dog training. There are different ways to train a dog and many of these techniques have proven to be quite effective in ensuring that you train your dog to be refined and well mannered so you can show him/her off to friends, family, and acquaintances. The do s and don ts of training your dog is really necessary so that you can clearly distinguish between the positive and the negative elements that affect the way that your dog responds to being trained.

The do s and don ts of training a dog is really not complex at all you do not have to be a college degree holder in order to clearly understand the basics and techniques of training your dog.

Dog Training Don ts

You need to understand that dogs are not machines but living creatures, they of course have different attitudes which simply mean that training different breeds of dogs means using a different approach. In general, when you are training your dog, you should never put yourself or your dog in a position where the two of you are really not ready to manage, so as to avoid getting frustrated or avoid any sort of mishap from happening. In addition, if you are training puppies in a home with many older dogs, you need to make sure that you do not permit them to mingle especially is the older dogs are not very patient with the puppies. You also need to understand that your dog may not like all the other dogs that he/she will meet, so do not expect him/her to immediately take to other dogs.


You should also not let your dog become too excited because when they are, they usually do not have control over how they act.

You must also not in any way or form allow other dogs to be rude to your dog(s), so make sure that you keep an eye on them.

Never dismiss your dog when you sense that he/she is trying to let you know something particularly if notice something rather awry in his/her behavior.

For the love of dogs! NEVER impose your training goals on your buddy and do not penalize him/her for doing something wrong.

Dog Training Do s

First and foremost, you need to know that your dog will need his or her own space. Respect this fact and your dog will respect you in turn.

Allow your dog(s) to socialize with other dogs because this will make him/her well aware of other creatures around them. There are times when dogs truly dislike some other dog(s), you need to become quite capable of understanding him or her having this sort of attitude. You should help build your dog s tolerance level by putting him/her through positive and rewarding experiences.

You MUST be 100 percent patient when training your dog.

Shower your dog with a lot of attention, this way, your dog will know that you truly care.

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