What Does It Mean When Your Ex Keeps Texting You?}

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Text-messages… they’re a part of everyday life. During the course of your relationship, you probably texted your boyfriend or girlfriend a thousand times. Maybe even more.

Yet now that the romance is over, you expected to be left alone. No matter how peacefully (or badly) the breakup went down, you figured that you and your ex would finally go your separate ways. So you’re sitting there, minding your own business when suddenly… BAM! From out of nowhere, your ex sends you a text message.

So what does it mean when your ex keeps texting you beyond the breakup? Are they just saying hello? Do they want to continue some sort of friendship? Or does the fact that your ex can’t stop texting you actually

mean something else



What Your Ex Really Wants When They Send You A Text

Okay, let’s bypass the obvious and cut straight to the heart of the matter. When you get a text from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, they obviously have an agenda in mind. And usually, it’s to get you back in one form or the other.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean your ex wants your relationship back – at least, not just yet anyway. Such a text message could be the precursor to re-opening the lines of communication, which could lead to a form of reconciliation. At the same time though, your ex could be contacting you for a quick hookup, or even just to talk about something.

Most of the time, your ex isn’t going to tell you why they texted you in the first place. They’ll cover their tracks with “just checking in with you”, or even say stuff like “why can’t we be friends?” This is them trying to get their foot back in the door of your past relationship, and nothing more.

No matter what the case, two things are abundantly clear: One, your ex misses you. Two, your ex has been thinking about you hard enough to dial your number.

Now if you’ve been trying to get back with your ex, getting a text from them can be good news. There’s no such thing as an innocent ‘how are you?’ text message. It took balls for your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend to reach out like this, and chances are they did it for a very good reason.

What Should You Do When Your Ex Texts You?

Depending upon what you want, you should probably do absolutely nothing. If your goal is to ultimately win back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, texting them right back is showing too much instant interest. You’re tipping your hand too early, and you could come off as needy or desperate… even though


the one who initially reached out to you.

Want your ex back? You’ll need more than a few back and forth text-message conversations after the breakup. If that’s the case, you’ll need a step by step plan. Only by knowing exactly what to do and say, as well as the best approach you should take, can you finally reverse an unwanted breakup.

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